About Us

Our company is specialized in manufacturing dust collectors for industry use.
All our products are CE certified
Our LS series are CE and ATEX explosion proof certified.

We are providing you a large range of dust collectors to collect any kind of dust for any type of industryincluding:

  • Metal processing (graphite, titanium, machine tool,…)
  • Food processing (tea powder, floor,…)
  • Chemistry industry
  • Painting industry
  • Car industry
  • Laser industry
  • Woodworking industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Please contact us if your industry is not listed above or for any other inquiries,
we can surely adapt and customize our machine for your
good use to have a safe and clean working environment.

If you are not too sure on which type of dust collector is suitable for you,
contact us and one of our specialist will help you to
find the best choice depending on the dust type, size, capacity,…

Thank you for choosing USONIC and trusting our company!

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